Our Mission

IWAS is a non-profit upcycling platform. We don’t believe in charity, we make people stronger. Which is why every bit of profit we make goes into sustainable job creation and upscaling up-cycling communities so everyone comes out a winner. When we’re not trying to rid the world of its trash problem, we take the time to remind ourselves of how much we have on this planet that’s worth saving by taking long walks on the beach, watching beautiful sunsets and having long chats with old friends.

What do we do?

Train local, unemployed communities to create our products.

Create economic incentives to ensure sustainability.

Break the cycle of poverty and trash by building a brighter, greener future.

Here's all the good stuff we've been up to while you were shopping


Local Families Employed


Ton Of Waste That Won't End Up In A Landfill


Deprived Children Educated

Our upcycling partners

When you buy an IWAS product, you directly support the families fo the artisans that made your product.

Meet the communities that make the upcycled products you love.

MESO Design

MESO Design works together with local communities. In this way, they solve local social problems through employment and education. Their socially responsible approach stimulates new economic incentives and guarantees a long-term benefit for all stakeholders.

Sapu Upcycle

SAPU Upcycle is committed to sharing knowledge about sustainable design and local environmental issues. They contribute through upcycling workshops for schools and communities, collaboration with local authorities, and the development of sustainable quality products.

XS Project

XSProject is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of poor families in Jakarta by raising awareness in schools and businesses. Sales of XSProject products support community programs in Indonesia, such as education and healthcare.

Our partners

IWAS started with a dream, one that is so much nicer if you can share it. These partners share that dream with us.

The IWAS Team

Dreamers & believers, together we’re trying to  make a difference.

Dries Moens
Dale Menezes
Maurice Britto